Friday, February 21, 2014

slipping & sliding

Amidst of all the snow storms, we had a sunny day and we took full advantage of it! We drove to a state park and had too much fun slipping and sliding while hiking all the trails. At one time, The Boy actually hit the ground and I am sure I laughed straight for 15 minutes. Good thing he didn't hurt himself! I don't know what it is about falling, but if I see someone slip and fall, I just can't stop myself from laughing hysterically. That goes for even if the victim is me. I actually slipped and fell on my bum last night. The parking lot was frozen and I didn't notice until I had already hit the asphalt. It was one strong fall and made a "boom" noise. Luckily, all my bones are still intact!

 button down: old // leggings: express // vest: saks fifth ave // earrings: old // boots: thrifted

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  1. Hi Sukhi! Long time no see. :) I love your fur and that last picture is adorable!

  2. I like every piece in your outfit! Very nicely coordinated! (We have had lots of cold and snow where I live, too! It's great you got to get out and have some fresh air and fun!)
    Ann @ Cairn Cottage

  3. First thank you for the lovely birthday wishes/comments! <3
    second I LOVE that vest you're wearing, looks really cute with the outfit too. Honestly sunny days in the snow are some of the best. I'm just like you, if someone falls I laugh even if it's me haha glad both of you went home with nothing broken though :)

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  5. Awesome post! I like each piece in your outfit! Nicely planned! (We have had bunches of frosty and snow where I live, as well! It's awesome you got the chance to get out and have some natural air and fun!) Thanks for sharing.
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