Thursday, February 28, 2013

Things I ♥ Thursday

having the bro around for two weeks (even if it made me even more sad once he left) || having the opportunity to watch a NBA game - LIVE || doing well on my exams || being on the final stage of my research project || the mommy getting accepted into a RN program (her dream) || getting over my fear of driving in snowstorms || my very first intubation (even if it was just on a mannequin and I might have broken some teeth in the process) || planning a summer trip with my best friend || talking about future (in medicine) with my friend and getting super excited (and of course nervous)|| hanging out with the boy (this most likely will repeat every week) || very first follower for the blog (thank you) || all the comments on the blog (thank you for taking time to visit and comment on my posts) ||

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A medical student, with passion for fashion! I started medical school in August of 2012 and because I had so much free time in my hand I decided to start this blog!

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