Thursday, November 8, 2012

“My interest is simple. Since the age of 9 I wanted to fly in space.”- Peter Diamandis

I finally got to visit the Museum of Science and Industry! Wohoo … :) 
Yes, I love museums. Especially the ones that allow me to be a kid again .. 
you will see what I mean when you look at my pictures. :p

Well, while I was there I got introduced to a man named Peter Diamandis. I can't believe I hadn't heard of him before … I mean I have only been dreaming about getting on the zero gravity flight my whole life .. and guess what he is the founder of Zero G

 Only if I had ~ $4,950 stashed under my mattress or in my back account for that matter … :p 
One day I will get on that flight, but until then I am gonna try to follow some his awesome laws; aka Peter's Laws.

Here are some more pictures from the Museum, enjoy!  

I couldn't control the kid in me ...
 I just had to ... :p

I guess, I couldn't really control the medical student in me either ... 
Vasculature  (arteries and veins)
Major muscles in human body! 

Oh yeah, did I ever tell you that my childhood dream was to become a pilot?

Baby Chicks Hatching... 

Inventions and future ...

Planet Earth

That's all for today! Make sure to visit the Museum when you are in Chicago. 
I guarantee that the kid in you will love it! :) 

Until next time, 
Be Inspired, Stay Inspired ... 


A medical student, with passion for fashion! I started medical school in August of 2012 and because I had so much free time in my hand I decided to start this blog!

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