Sunday, July 22, 2012

No one, but you, can stop yourself from being inspired.

Even though I don't shop regularly at Anthropologie, mostly because I can't afford it, I still like to browse through their catalog for some inspiration. Mind you, I do love their clothes and cherish every single piece I have gotten from there in the past ... gotta thank the "God of sale". :p

Here are some of my favorites from their July 12' catalog...

It won't come as a surprise to you that I love love love anything and everything with polka dots, I mean who doesn't? However, this time it wasn't this cobalt polka dotted dress (which I do love) that stopped me from turning the page, but the addition of the bib necklace to the outfit. I think it is the bib necklace that gives this outfit that extra oomph ... you know the one that is destined to turn heads.

Lace dress, beaded necklace, and hair in a bun ... a perfect date night outfit, depending on the venue of course. If not to a date, I for sure would wear this to a friend's wedding ... it is not everyday one gets an opportunity to dress up in all lace and beads. 
Federico Vinciolo, sixteenth century lace maker, once said ...
"lace- the invention of a goddess and the occupation of a queen"
I gotta say, I couldn't agree with him more.

This is a perfect example of something I would wear on those shopping or walking-around-the-city days ...  effortless, yet put-together. I do not own a pair of distressed jeans, but found myself falling really hard for these Stevie jeans. Only if they didn't cost $235 ... only if the "God of sale" could listen to my silent prayers. :p

 Until next time...
Be Inspired, Stay Inspired! 


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